Integration & excellence



We extract limestone and salt, which are the raw materials for sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate.

We produce the energy required to process these natural resources into products used for many applications and industries.

In Nancy / La Madeleine factory and Pagny-sur-Meuse pit, more than 300 employees are involved in operation, production, packaging and delivery, ensuring an optimal and constant quality of the delivered products.



Operational excellence

A supply network meeting our customers expectations as far as quality, reliability and quick delivery are concerned :

  • Bulk delivery (Bulk trucks, tippers, isolated cars or full trains, rail-road transportation)
  • Quality and reliable transportation requirements (tank inspection once cleaned, accompanying documents, transport company control, safety procedures.)
  • Appropriate and eco-friendly packaging meeting your needs (25-kg bag or 1-ton or 1.2-ton big bag, delivered by trucks or clusters)
  • The packaging worksite complies with the HACCP standards for food and feed products.
  • A multilingual Customer Service (French, English, German, Italian,…) close to the production, packaging and loading site, provides relevant information and ensures responsiveness.