Novabion produces sodium silicate, a product derived from sodium carbonate obtained by the fusion of sand and sodium carbonate at high temperature in a furnace. Its main markets are precipitated silica (green tires), soil consolidation, adhesives, paper de-inking, mineral paints and detergents.


Nabion is a sodium carbonate / sodium silicates cogranule which acts as a sequestering agent (capturing magnesium and calcium) used in the formulation of powders or tablets for washing machines and dishwashers, replacing products that are near end-of-life such as phosphates and zeolites.

Using the sodium carbonate dense and light supplied by Novacarb, Novabion manufactures three commercial grades, with a total capacity of 30,000 tons per year:

  • glassy silicate,
  • liquid silicate,
  • granulated silicates; including the Nabion15™ et le Nabion26™.

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