Novacarb is the European number 2 producer of sodium bicarbonate and the number 3 of sodium carbonate. A major player in its field on the western scene, Novacarb puts customer satisfaction at the heart of its commitments. The Company offers natural and environmentally friendly products, which enable it to position itself in many end-markets, such as Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, and food and feed.

Advanced technology, expertise in engineering, process control:

We have developed state-of-the-art facilities such as the Bianca and Bianca + units, which enable us to offer quality and product purity to the requirements of our customers. The new baking soda plant in Singapore will benefit from the “Bianca” technology developed by our teams on the Madeleine site in France. The facility will produce high-quality sodium bicarbonate to meet the rapidly growing Asian demand for healthcare applications (dialysis, pharmacy, food).

Upstream & downstream integration:

We extract limestone and salt, raw materials of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. We produce the energy necessary to transform these natural resources into ingredients used in many applications of everyday life.


Operational excellence at the service of the customer:

Our approach to operational excellence rests on the continuous improvement of our facilities, processes and the quality of our products.
A logistics that meets the challenges of our customers in terms of quality, reliability, speed of delivery:

  • Delivery times of 48 hours within a radius of 1000 kilometers, 24 hours within a radius of 150 kilometers.
  • Pulled bulk truck, dump truck, single wagons or whole trains, piggyback.
  • Trucks loaded in 15 minutes from 5:00 to 19:00.
  • European coverage: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK
  • Requirement for quality and safety of transport: inspection of tanks after compulsory washing, accompanying documents, audit of carriers, safety protocols.
  • Packages adapted to your needs and respectful of the environment:
  • Bag of 25 kg (paper) or big bag 1 tons or 1.2 tons, delivered by complete truck or groupage.
  • Possibility, on request, to deliver small quantities.
  • HACCP compliant packaging workshop for food products and animal nutrition.